Code of Conduct

For all interactions, dealings and business conducted on it, BUSREX believes in maintaining (and safeguarding) high ethical, qualitative and professional standards. We wish that all our Users too emphasise on these attributes while we integrate quality, user friendliness and value building mechanisms.

Consequently, BUSREX, being a virtual ecosystem, needs to enforce a Code of Conduct for the benefit of all stakeholders, be it a Vendor, Customer, ITEBR, Consultant and ourselves which shall be reviewed at appropriate times.

These Codes are classified into Confidentiality, Security of Data, Non- Repudiation of Transactions, Impartiality, Presentation Manners & Time Schema, Record Keeping and Payment Obligations.

1. Confidentiality:
  • Vendors/ Customers/ ITEBRs should maintain strict confidentiality of information and data pertaining to the execution of Assignments. The information such as tasks, deliverables, quotations, payments are specific to the parties involved in the Assignment and should not be shared with others under any circumstances.
  • ITEBRs should not share the completed Assignment information with other ITEBRs.
  • BUSREX will permit competitive bidding for Assignments to ensure that service available is optimal in cost. All Vendors/ Customers (Assignment creators) should ensure strict confidentiality with respect to the quotations received. They should not share the quote information and should not play-off one ITEBR against other ITEBRs.
  • No user should perform any activity, seek or disclose any information that could lead to an unfair advantage, disclosure and or competition or may lead to any infringement of any business process or loss of any sort to the other stake holder’s business
2. Security of Data:
  • Adequate access level and transaction level security is built into BUSREX. The Users at no point of time should share the passwords with others who are not related to the business on hand.
  • Only authenticated users and sub-users should access BUSREX.
  • ITEBRs at the POB should take adequate care to ensure that data of the client is accessed through client specified/preferred procedures. No such data of Customer should be transferred/transmitted or made known to others.
  • All the stakeholders should recognize and appreciate the legal consequences and validity of e-commerce transactions.
  • ITEBRs should strive to protect the copyrights of BUSREX, Vendors and Customers.
3. Non- Repudiation of Transactions:
  • BUSREX has built in adequate safeguards at appropriate stages of Assignment process to align the Assignments on business dynamics. The transactions once accepted and commenced cannot be repudiated either by assignors or assignees.
  • All the stakeholders should agree to the Terms & Conditions before performing the transactions. Such agreed Terms & Conditions are binding upon the parties till the completion of Assignment.
4. Impartiality
  • Vendors and Customers will create Assignments with specific, meaningful and achievable tasks/ deliverables.
  • The Assignments posted shall be equitable to all ITEBRs in the particular location; unless or otherwise posted to specific ITEBRs.
  • Vendors and Customers should exercise caution while accepting quotes of ITEBRs and preference should be only based on order on merit and cost.
  • Vendors, Customers and ITEBRs should not contract or accept Assignment that fall outside the purview of BUSREXthereby jeopardizing the commercial interests of BUSREX.
  • ITEBRs should strive to protect the copyrights of BUSREX, Vendors and Customers.
  • ITEBRs should not, under any circumstance, disclose or talk about relative merits of offerings of different Vendors.
5. Presentation Manners & Time Schema
  • ITEBRs should present themselves at Assignment places with identification cards issued by BUSREX.
  • ITEBRs should fix prior appointments to visit Assignment places.
  • For Assignments in progress, ITEBRs should implement the time schema given by Customers/Vendors.
  • ITEBRs should be appropriately dressed, as demanding the occasion, during making calls/visits on Customers and Vendors.
6. Record Keeping
  • ITEBRs should not carry Customers’ data outside their premises without written authorization.
  • If the nature of assignment is such that data is residing on ITEBRs hardware, it should be promptly erased on completion of assignment before leaving the Customer’s premises.
  • Vendors and Customers (Assignment creators) should keep complete details on data transfer from their side and residing with ITEBR.
7. Payment Obligations
  • All payments committed by Vendors/ Customers should be paid with in the time limits agreed upon at the time of Assignment creation.
  • Vendors/ Customers should make advances and interim payments in accordance with business rules and practices in vogue for that Assignment.
  • All applicable tax compliances should be compulsorily followed as laid down in the statute.