Welcome to a great opportunity of Advertising on BUSREX

BUSREX offers an array of very attractive advertising options at an optimal cost under the ongoing Invitational pricing scheme. The details and specifications on the variety of advertisement options are available upon a no obligation Registration.

Why advertise on BUSREX?

  1. BUSREX being a virtual ecosystem caters to a very large and diverse business types and sizes.
  2. BUSREX market making mechanism is a never before attempt at bringing Solution Vendors and their Users on one platform.
  3. BUSREX being platform independent enables solutions of various types to be showcased and worked upon.
  4. ITEBR Teams, another never before feature, would open up a huge opportunity for Vendors to reach out very effectively in diverse geographies.
  5. Customers from large businesses, SMEs, Government, Not for profits, NGOs, etc would look to BUSREX for their ITEBR requirements.
  6.  A huge talent base of resources can tap into a novel (and never before available) business opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best Vendors and Customers.

It is the best time and reason to reach out to your target audience..... do not miss this golden opportunity.

Please contact our Marketing for more details.